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Happiness in Meditation

HisGate's Supernatural Myth Buster #1

Embrace the Supernatural - His-Gate’s supernatural myth buster #1

Our happiness is affected by the supernatural forces around us. How we interact with both the good and bad forces must be well managed through meditation using the best understandings that we can find.

A large portion of the world’s population looks for understandings about good and evil, often defined as God and the Devil, as described within ancient writings followed by Judeo-Christian, Muslim, and other faiths based on (or partially on) an anthology called “The Bible” originally written
in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Koine Greek languages (obviously a compilation of writtings from many different times).

We too often see someone who vigorously claims their cause has good/God on their side (and may reference quotes from the Bible or other religious writings as their authoritative source). Yet for those of us who seek lasting happiness, we must find the best understanding we can
which only comes from personal meditation.

Just who’s side is good/God on? (Answer = that’s the wrong question, it leads to confusion) 

Meditation by Commanders/leaders: What can we learn about the side of good revealed by the supernatural? One answer is found in the Bible (and Tanakh) covering the time just after the death of Moses. A new commander/chief officer named Joshua was then in charge and was getting ready to lead an attack on their enemy. So he meditates...*

Many people have a common reference to learn from; the commander named Moses is well known thanks to the anthology known as the Bible (specifically the first 5 books that are from the Jewish Torah), and thanks to adaptation by Hollywood movies (the actor Charlton Heston is famous for playing Moses) and many know of the famous story of the Exodus from Egypt by the Jewish people.

The record tells us that as Joshua was mediating and getting prepared for the upcoming battle; he looks up and sees another gleaming soldier/commander and approaches and challenges, “are you for us or for our enemies?”. This supernatural commander then answered “Neither” – that had to be shocking!

That’s a remarkable lesson and a deep revealing of truth. The setting is that Joshua and his people, known as the Jewish people, claimed to be led by God and yet their own record reveals that when they asked whose side God is on, the answer was recorded as “Neither”. That must be a supernatural revealing of truth because anyone would expect that any “side” would always claim superiority yet this ancient writing records an answer of “neither” when a battle was about to take place!

Another great commander knew this truth. The infamous American President Abraham Lincoln was asked by a reporter, during the American civil war, if God was on his side? Abraham amazingly answered with this truth, “Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side, my greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right.” President Lincoln knew full well what the right question is to meditate on -- whether or not he was on God’s side, not whether or not God was on his.

Are we on the side of good, or against it?

A supernatural truth: there is only one creator and that creator’s design is the only way to live well in happiness. Behaving within our creator’s designs is the only way to sustain happiness and to grow and prosper while avoiding harm whether intentional or accidental. That’s the problem with corruption (bad/evil), under corruption even good intentions will eventually result in bad harm to self or to someone else.

More from Joshua’s experience: *(see the Bible’s book of Joshua at the end of Chapter 5).

In leadership there should always be a good succession plan,and Joshua was supernaturally identified as God’s man to take over for Moses. Joshua had a great disappointment about 40 years earlier when he, and a man named Caleb, wanted to go forward and execute God’s plan, yet they were delayed another 40 years because the other leaders around them did not meditate and listen to good supernatural influences and became confused and unable to progress. Imagine Joshua having to live with confused people for another 40 years before achieving and being rewarded with what was planned for him? Yet Joshua stayed in truth and did not give up.

Joshua's example was Moses, who at 80 years old became the leader/head. The ancient writings tell about their wanderings of survival and fighting for survival during those 40 years. We’re told that Moses had been raised in the Egyptian royal household, but was eventually exiled or shunned from Egypt, and while working for daily survival Moses had an experience at a burning bush, a bush on fire yet it wasn’t consumed. Here Moses approached and heard a supernatural voice tell him he was on holy ground and to remove his sandals/shoes, and in Joshua's experience he was told the same thing.

This similar experience reveals to us that these were supernatural visits because these leaders were meditative, humble, listening, and willing to do what good they could.